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A woman is looking at her young daughter and is wondering if her own mother also feels such compassion when she thinks about her. Who is my mother and what does my father, grandmother or grandfather look like? Who am I and where do I fit in? Why did my mother give my away? An elderly man sits on a park bench. He wonders how things are going for his firstborn and if he has children of his own yet. A grandmother of two active grandchildren is thinking about many years ago. Where is my child I had to give away and how is she?

There are such and similar questions in many people's hearts. Persons whose lives were torn to pieces by estrangement,
now have hope to resolve these questions.

Leonie Erasmus has a tremendous success rate for tracing people. Whether you are a parent looking for you child or an adopted child looking for you biological parent.

Various articles were written in newspapers and magazines about Leonie's tracing achievements. Leonie already reunited hundreds of mothers and children, as well as brothers and sisters who were seeking each other for years. The TV program Carte Blanche featured a full program about Leonie's work and the presenters talked to people who searched for their biological families for up to 64 years!

Leonie who has a tender compassion for people seeking parents or children, also wrote a lovely and informative book on this subject, sharing some of her success stories. The book contains a guide with among others, information about DNA tests and 25 gripping true stories of biological parents and children reunited by her.

The writer sees the adoption of a child as one of the greatest gifts someone can receive and so the title of her book is "DIE GROOTSTE GESKENK".

Leonie is a Christian believer and knows her help comes from the Lord. She has a deep respect for her vocation, has passion for her work and does it with persistence.
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